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More than just an Esperanto-speaker : becoming an esperantist

Duolinguo teaches how to speak Esperanto. But it doesn't teach how to love it, and why Esperanto is today a linguistic realistic solution. So, if you're interested at understand why Esperanto could be useful for all of us, here's a serie of links : - uea.org, the website of the universal Esperanto association - satesperanto.org, the website of the second biggest esperantist association - claudepiron.free.fr, the really interesting website in many languages of Claude Piron, a former translator at UN and writer, who died in 2008 - ea-mondo.org, the website of a ambitious canadian esperantist association - liberafolio.org, a famous website who writes about the esperantist movement

Ĉion bonan!

November 19, 2019



I'm afraid you're mistaken as in the declaration of Boulogne: "An Esperantist is a fluent Esperanto speaker. Involvement in the Esperanto community is encouraged but not required."


I know (actually I didn't know), but I think I'm encouraging it, not requiring it, right?


I became interested in Esperanto when I learned about meet ups that made it possible to practice with other people. I am active in my local group and I look for Esperanto groups when I travel .


Great topic. Very inspiring.
Thank you so much for posting
this and bringing this to our


Mi volus trovi ian ajn retejon en esperanto sed ne pri esperanto. Cxu estas tiuj kiuj bonsxancis?


Nu, libera folio estas en Esperanto, sed mi komprenas kion vi volas diri. Nu, jen la esperantlingva versio de la Diplomata Mondo (france Le Monde Diplomatique) : https://eo.mondediplo.com/ . Vidu ankaŭ la, laŭ mi, propagandan internacian radion de Ĉinujo en Esperanto : http://esperanto.cri.cn/ Kaj vi trovos je pli da aliaj retejoj ĉi tie : https://esperanto.net/eo/novajoj-en-esperanto/ Kompreneble estas ankau Vikipedio, kaj ankaŭ uea.facila.org


Farigxu esperantisto kaj vi povos flue paroli esperante kun alia esperantisto pri Esperanto


Dankon! Mi pensas ĉeesti la IJK ĉi tiu somero.


No. This is wrong. If speaking Esperanto means joining some organisations, associations or political parties the language loses its neutrality and becomes a tool for a propaganda of some ideology. And this leads to disagreements and internetional flame raisin wars.


Sorry, but you showed that you don't know Esperanto history AT ALL. Many Esperanto-speakers are already in associations. Also, Esperanto is more neutral, but nothing in Esperanto is perfect. Nothing. UEA doesn't support any political parties (Europe Democracy Esperanto is not officially supported). Actually, since the 20's SAT is making propaganda of ideologies such as anarchism or communism through Esperanto. That's not new. But they don't represent the whole esperantist community. You have atheist esperantists and catholic ones, atheist or catholic associations, but they are not representing the whole Esperanto community. Even UEA is not. I'm proposing to the ones who are interested to visit website about the esperantist movement. That's all. And I'll still defend Esperanto as a good, and not perfect, international language, and doing this is only giving my opinion. If you don't agree with this idea I would love to debate this question.


Yes, a healthy activism is a "must" in my opinion. If you are not active member of Esperanto association(s), groups etc. IMHO your learning would be slow and of less practical purpose. I am telling this from my experience. I was inactive for almost 11 years after I started learning Esperanto. After I became an Esperanto "activist" last year, I am actively relearning Esperanto, I participate often in different Esperanto events offline and online and I contribute to Esperanto community.

Most leading Esperanto speakers ( or Esperantists ) are those who are active in one or more Esperanto association(s).

As far as "internal politics" is concerned, that is there is any human association / group. It is not restricted to Esperanto or any other language communities as such.

Esperanto cannot and won't be able to cut down "politics". But it is still a beautiful and easy language.

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