Diamond league

Once that the diamond league has been reached. What is it necessary to do after ?


November 19, 2019

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You have to reach the first place in the diamond league...

Hello there. I’m late to the party(1 year lol) but hey! I am about to be promoted to the Diamond league and I came in a quest of answer and hope, after Diamond league I plan to quit the leagues and peacefully play without the stress of probably getting dethroned by some bot or user or both. I would see how I would do in Diamond league and after that, I’ll quit. Seems like many people did too. It’s our own choice and frankly, it’s hard enough to get to Diamond division imagine getting in 1st place. Don’t push yourself to get that award. You can get it anytime if you quit and do the return of the king meme. But it’s not worth the stress. Anyway wish me luck in the Diamond league (promotion happens in 12 minutes) dear fellow internet strangers :D

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