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  5. "E holoholo kaʻa kākou."

"E holoholo kaʻa kākou."

Translation:Let's go for a drive.

November 19, 2019



I'd like to translate "Let's all ..." to distinguish kākou from kāua, but afraid I'll lose my third heart.


The answer pool for this question seems pretty narrow. Also, the use of "cruise" for "holoholo" is accepted in other questions in this section but not in this one. Note also that wehewehe.org includes the word "ride" = "holoholo".
holo.holo 1. vi. To go for a walk, ride, or sail; (wehewehe.org)

Let's go for a drive. correct

Let's all go for a drive. correct

Let's go for a ride in the car. wrong

Let's go for a ride. wrong

Let's cruise. wrong

Let's go for a car ride. wrong

Let's go for a cruise. wrong


I don’t disagree with you. But that’s a lot of options, for somebody to have to enter, by hand, for every question. Especially when that somebody is (as I understand it) basically one person, and a volunteer at that. Let’s be thankful we have a Hawaiian course at all.


So are you trying to jedi-mindtrick me into not reporting problems with the key? You should consider driving in your own lane. Apparently you haven't noticed that there are folks here , besides Maui Bartlett, that can already speak Hawaiian, that are volunteering their time to find and report problems in the key. They are motivated to make this free resource the best it can be in order to support the Hawaiian people to regain their stolen language. Without all that volunteer work, the "basically one person" would have to do both the finding and the fixing. What I'm thankful for is all the folks who value working together to return our self determination over trying to work as little as possible.


Whoah now hold on my friend. I’m not trying to “Jedi mindtrack” anybody, whatever that means. Why would I even do that? I’m very appreciative that there are many folks here, including Rabelon, Kumu Cleveland, and many others (maybe including you - if so, thank you) who are helping us to learn the language. All I’m saying is to be appreciative for what we have rather than expecting a course run by volunteers to have every possible translation option.


Well, I never thought I would see my name next to Hokulani Cleeland in a Hawaiian language course. Thanks, Gary. I take that as a compliment.

Actually, most fluent speakers do not check-in to Duolingo Hawaiian. They already know the language, the coursework is trivial, and they do not get paid to make suggestions.

Here is a bit of reality. Trying to teach someone a language using as few words, structures, and prompts as possible is a monumental task. I cannot even imagine the number of hours it takes to thoughtfully create just one properly and carefully crafted prompt. Behind each prompt is a populated database of possible acceptable responses.

Even with all of that preparation, hundreds of people challenge the accuracy every day. And that is where the real hard work begins. Each translation report has to be read and considered for accuracy. Many good suggestions have to be rejected because accepting a complicated alterative could be misleading or confusing to non-fluent participants.

Making suggestions is trivial compared to building and maintaining the database of interpretations. Yes, we are all helping to create a working model, but the real work is behind the scenes. It requires fluency, people skills, time, patience, thoughtfulness, and programming expertise.

Several people create the coursework, but only one person performs the maintenance and upkeep. That praise and credit belongs to Maui_Bartlett.

Regardless, we are all on the same journey with the same goals. Let's live aloha and share aloha.

Both of you, Gary and Kamakea, are treasures to this course and I fully appreciate everything you do for the community. Mahalo iā 'olua.


E kala mai. Mai poina au iā davidvdb a me Maui_Bartlett. Mahalo a me ke aloha pumehana.


what is the difference between "go for a drive" and "go for a ride"

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