User Issues

I have noticed quite a few people posting technical issues or bugs as Questions or Insights. That results in other users directing them to inform-the-admins/post-feedback, though i'm not entirely sure if they manage to do it.

This could result in some unhappy or even lost users as some of these posts might go unanswered.

Perhaps the Feedback feature should be more prominent. Its pretty visible to me, but even i didn't notice it until i needed it (which isn't necessarily a bad thing), and only then found out that it reflects which section you gave feedback from, something that is different at duolingo compared to other websites where 'feedback' is meant to be very generic.

I have 'posted Feedback' on this already, but wanted to get ideas that other users could share. My idea is to change the label text from 'Feedback' to either the cliched "Contact Us" or "Any Problems?"

I understand that Feedback is meant for positive feedback as well, but i'm sure almost no one will mind not being able to tell how awesome duolingo is, because the duolingo team should already know that ;)

April 13, 2012


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