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Audio playback isn't working.

I cannot hear any sound when I click the speaker icons. (Sound does work on youtube with both webm and flash playback.)

I run Trisquel 5.5, which is an Ubuntu 11.10 clone. I have gnash installed, which is a flash replacement. My browser is based on firefox 14.

I love the website; would you please consider fixing this problem? It seems like people with other operating systems are having the same problem too!

Thanks very much. :)

July 28, 2012



I used to have the same problem in Chrome and got idea how to work it out from this thread. So I'm posting it here and probably this will work for you as well. My browser is set up not to run plugins (including Flash) automatically, so that I have to click every time I want to watch a video, e.g. on YouTube. This apparently was the cause of the problem. I've added an exception for duolingo.com website: Settings->Show Advanced Settings->Content Settings->Plug-ins->Manage Exceptions; add "[*.]duolingo.com" and restart Chrome. VoilĂ !


I have no sound on this website only. System sounds work. Youtube works. The audio on Duolingo does not work. I am using Mac OSX 10.8 with Safari. Help!


I'm using the latest version of chrome, and I appear to be having a similar problem.


After I got back from my holiday (about a week), sound no longer works on any of my Linux computers. When I log into Windows to try it, Firefox tells me Duolingo relies on Flash. Well, I don't use Flash - it is a dated technology which fails on many computers and is being phased out. Duolingo should move past Flash. But that doesn't explain why Duolingo sound work before I went on holidays and now does not (on two different computers).


Just in case anyone else encounters this problem: the Firefox plugin 'HTTPS everywhere' actually blocks Duolingo from loading now. Some website change they made to Duolingo in the past 2 weeks has caused this, as the plugin worked fine with Duolingo before this.

Sound also works now, so I'm not sure if Duolingo fixed something that was broken, or again the above plugin was interacting badly with the website update.

Regardless of whether it was Flash causing the problem or not, my point stands: it is not a sound business decision to base your website off Adobe's proprietary, buggy, and insecure Flash. To make matters worse, each year I hear of a new device or platform which has dropped Flash support.


Just a data point here, as it is not meant to be a solution for OP (tho it might work if you're willing to use binary-only plugins): installing Adobe-supplied Flash plugin (11.2) got audio playback working for me (ubuntu 12.04, chromium 18).

This is not a good situation long-term, as Adobe is dropping support of Linux as of the current release (they will, however, backport fixes to 11.2 for some time).

I'm just hoping the Duolingo team has an alternative plan in the works that does not require Flash for site functionality.


Same here. Using Opera based on Chrome engine; windows 7 64bit. Duolingo audio was working perfectly yesterday, but not today. I've tried everything, disabling all plug-ins, flash settings, nothing helps. You should really abandon flash.


Same problem here - Ubuntu 12.04, Chromium 18 and gnash 0.8.10


I am running Ubuntu 12.04.1 chromium Version 23.0.1271.97 and flash version

Sound works on all other flash applications, but duolingo. I just tried installing luakit and it worked fine on there. I will just use luakit for duolingo for now.


i have the exact same problem. I run scientific linux 6.2. i have the adobe flash plugin installed and my browser us firefox 10.0.6 i hope this info can be useful.


My flash plugin is not working at duolingo.com site in Chrome environment.


I have same problem in here. My system is Ubuntu 12.10 Gnash 0.8.11 and have this same problem with Firefox, Chrome and Opera. We need a solution without Adobe help.


Same problem. Windows 7, Firefox 16.0.2. I had the same problem some months ago and adding duolingo to the exceptions list of my flashblock-addon helped then. But now, with the same settings, sounds are not working again.


Not working for me either, Chrome OS v.23.0.1271.94. Youtube and other sites with Flash audio are working just fine.


I got the same problem. I use Ubuntu 13.04 with Firefox 20.0 and Gnash 0.8.11.


Same here, left feedback every time I'd log in. Mac OS X Lion, and I've tried latest browser versions: Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera.


Same Problem on Mac OS X Chrome: 21.0.1180.90 Flash:


win 8 latest chrome version and I have the exact same problem, pls duolingo do something about it.


Hey!!!!!!! I tried connecting my sound on the headphones jack of my computer instead the "normal" one, and it worked perfectly, and i couldn't hear anything on every browser and with every configuration of them, hope it works for you.


I have just changed my OS from Fedora 21 to Kubuntu 15.10 and now I cannot hear audio from duolingo. I use Firefox 41.0.2. I do not have problems on Fedora.


go to your duolingo settings (in the drop down menu with your profile) and turn speaker on, then save


I only cannot hear the spoken language on certain languages. I cannot learn Vietnamese or Swahili because there is no audio to hear the language, but french, spanish, polish, and german all work normally.


Since I updated my Mac OS to Mojave, the speakers wouldn't work with Duolingo. Makes some of the exercises impossible! Eventually, I found the problem was all to do with Flash. So, here is how to cure it. Click on the Apple symbol, and select System Preferences. The Flash Player symbol should be down at the bottom left. Click on it. One of the headings there should be 'Camera and Microphone settings'. Underneath it is a box 'Camera and Microphone settings by site". Click on it, and you will find a list of sites allowed by Flash. Mine was empty. Click the '+' symbol at the bottom left, and then enter the name of the site, i.e. www.duolingo.com Works a treat now!

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