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Sort of casual translation

A phrase I commonly use in English I often have trouble translating to other languages. How would one say the phrase "kind of" or "sort of" in Esperanto? Example: "I kind of (kinda) like it" "It's sort of funny"

November 20, 2019



First, realize that different languages have different norms around speech. What's "amazing hair" in American English, might just be "good hair" in a language less prone to exaggeration, for example. What would be a polite request in English, may be too direct and impolite literally translated into another language.

In Esperanto, I don't believe this sort of "casual downplaying" of emotion is common. If you actually like something "Mi ŝatas ĝin/tion" with the right tone of voice will do fine. If you want to convey that you like it, but not that much, you could try something along the lines of "Mi ŝatetas..." or "Mi iomete ŝatas..."

For "It's sort of funny", I would say "Tio/Ĝi estas sufiĉe amuza." "Sufiĉe"'s basic meaning is "sufficiently", but it can be used to mean "averagely, tolerably, considerably."

November 20, 2019


It's possible that some of these phrases are just filler in English. Think about whether they really add anything to your meaning - and what they add. Not every word has to be translated literally to express your idea.

Edit: I know what "kinda" and "sorta" mean. I was asking Nonwib to put some thought into what she's trying to say - rather than to the words she uses to say them in English. I wasn't looking for an explanation. I think RobertoKin9 is getting at the same idea from a different direction.

November 20, 2019


I think she means colloquial wards: kind of, sort of, somehow, like.
- Do you have a girlfriend?
- Well....kinda. (yes, but I not totaly sure, all is complicated.)

-Kinda gonna go for a run. Kinda wanna stay in bed.

Or may be sometimes it can replace the word say:.
“She is like, 'you aren't using that word correctly' and I am like, 'yes I am'.”

November 20, 2019


Kind of is like saying somewhat, which is like saying a little. Sorry I don't know anything about Esperanto, but you could try substituting "a little" for "kind of" and see how that works.

November 20, 2019


I don't know. But : "I really like that kind of horses" - - > "Mi vere ŝatas tiajn ĉevalojn (I very like such horses, a sentence which doesn't really exist in English)"

November 20, 2019


ia sxatas; kind of like, or sort of like

preskaux sxatas; almost like

sxatetas; like-a-bit (gratulon RobertoKin9!)

ia amuzas; kind of amusing. or sort of amusing

preskaux amuza; almost amusing.

amuzetas; a bit amusing

estetas amuzi; is-a-bit amusing

November 22, 2019
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