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gold progress bars messed up in firefox

Hey, I've noticed that my gold bars look pretty bad since they were added, just figured it was a common thing that would get quickly fixed but I haven't seen anything in discussion.


If I load a different language then come back, it looks perfect, but then if I scroll down and back up, it goes back to the messed up version. Obviously not hindering my duolingo use but it is a bit jarring. I'm using Firefox 20.0.1 and don't think any add-ons should affect it, and everything looks fine in IE.

April 25, 2013



If it's any use, I'm on the same Firefox build and my tree doesn't look like that. Windows 8.


Thank you for bringing this up; I have the same issue. Someone posted a discussion about this issue two weeks ago, but apparently it hasn't been fixed yet: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/301787


I also have it! Too much for me. I'm so annoyed at my stupid computer. Or is it my stupid computer?

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