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  5. "A sheep is gentle"

"A sheep is gentle"

Translation:Kondoo ni mpole

November 20, 2019



I would like to get a better understanding of when to add prefixes to adjectives in this type of sentence construction. I had just been marked wrong for typing "nyama ya nyumbu ni mtamu" so I dropped the "m-" here only to get it counted wrong because DL wanted the prefix this time. It seems like a parallel example so I'm wondering if it's just DuoLingo being annoying or if there are certain words I need to know that should not include the prefix.


The adjective prefixes to the N/N noun class are really tricky! They depend on the first letter of the adjective. I posted an explanation some time ago: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/34122798/His-t-shirt-is-dirty

Btw: Kondoo is an N/N class but it is an animate noun (i.e. people or animals): their adjectives always get m- (mw-) in the singular and wa- in the plural.


Thanks for the quick reply. I had noted (but not yet memorized) the lengthy list for N/N noun class adjective agreements and had thought I could ignore that here as the animal lesson had said that even though it might look like words were from a different class, adjective agreements for animals would be the M-Wa class. So, is the conflict here that the earlier "tamu" problem was referencing the animal as food and the animal rule no longer applies in that case?


Yup. The adjective adheres to the noun class of nyama which is N/N, and hardly animate (rather the opposite :)

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