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To Duolingo Staff : Thanksgiving shout out

They do a lot of lurking,
Hidden behind their screens.
This mysterious troop of workers,
Who are so very seldom seen.

Its hard to say, to put a name,
As to who it is does what.
To give to us this platform,
That lets us do such a lot.

So rather than to single one,
As thanksgiving it is so near,
To all of Duolingo staff,
To do a proud and grateful cheer !

As thanksgiving approaches for those in America, I have posted this, as a challenge and thought point to others to also consider taking on, to do a shout out of Thank You to those you see and appreciate in the Duolingo community.

November 20, 2019


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Sending a very fond thank you to KevinR86.
Moderating is such a challenging task with an open and world wide community.
Thank you for the support you are giving to our Moderator teams and GA's.

It is deeply appreciated by so many.

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Also, I would like to mention the team that is working on designing, delivering and tweaking the Stories.

I do not know who you are.
I want to let you know that the work you are doing is FANTASTIC.
Thank you and keep it up.


I appreciate especially my fellow language learners who are the unsalaried backbone of this site.

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I do also.

edited: It is the greater community that is so very key to the success of Duolingo as a community.

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To the mysterious team that created Tiny Cards Thank you !

It also has such a diverse application to assist with learning so many other things as well.

Also to the people who create resources in Tiny Cards. You are FANTASTIC !


Love me some Tiny Cards. It helps me so much and the stories do too.

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To Karin Tsai.

For some inkling at what is accomplished by Karin, check out : https://www.twitch.tv/videos/484352859?t=01h01m

Thank you for your passion, and sharing your rare intelligence, putting it to harness to be so instrumental in what Duo is able to provide. Also thank you for the sense of fun you have.

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Hope Wilson, thank you for the support you are giving to our contributor teams.

It is certainly an interesting time we live in with so much changing around us.
Thank you for the resources you are creating, and also making yourself available to support the many teams as we strive for continued improvement across all of our courses.

I wish there were more of you, with your skill set, to also be more hands on with teams when they need it.

To see more of what Hope does, check out : https://www.twitch.tv/videos/484352859?t=02h23m15s


Thank you Hope! :) You are GREAT! :) Gave you an up vote and a couple lingots for your service! :)

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