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Writing on an Arabic keyboard in Duolingo

I have got a problem regarding the "dagger alif" in Duolingo. I don't know how to write the words هذا and هده without them being marked as incorrect by Duolingo. Do you know any solution to this problem without copy pasting it? Because I'd really like to learn how to write in Arabic.

November 20, 2019



IDK if I understood your question correctly but I think you're facing a problem with locating the letter 'ذ' in the Arabic keyboard, if that's so then I recommend you add the Saudi Arabia Arabic keyboard and then open the virtual keyboard from your computer to locate that letter and other letters for that matter. https://i.imgur.com/Z6LqxAj.png


the dagger alif (Alif Khanjariyah أَلِف خَنْجَرِيَّة ) is produced with the code ‍0670 in word documents ٰ

When I type the dagger alif I type an alif and then hit 0670 the hold the alt key and hit the x key. اٰ

also, to type the alif wasla ٰٱ is 0671


My solution is coping/pasting. In newer versions of windows 10 there is not only the last copied item in the clipboard. When you type windows key and v you get access to many items you copied before. You can use those items, delete them or pin those you want to keep. When you keep the dagger alif or those few words who use the dagger alif you have access to those items in a very easy way. They remain pinned even after restarting the computer.


Great tip Katgerina. Thank you

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