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بَلَد Someone explain this

So this makes a "balad" noise, but I don't see an "L" anywhere. I thought it would make the noise "baaaad" Because there is a ' above the B, so it makes "ba", then alif which makes "aa" and there is even a ' above that, so it comes to "aaa" then d

November 20, 2019



take the word apart and you will see the ل - لام in the middle. ل is called a laam pronounced لام

بَلَد = ب َ ل َ د

the alif does not connect on the left so you can distinguish it from the laam easily. Were it an alif it would look like this بَاَد


They do pronounce the L in the word Balad بلد . Maybe you have heard a different dialect but most people in the middle east they dont drop the "L" or "ل" from the word.


That's not actually an alif, it's an L. It can be tricky sometimes but basically my understanding is if what looks like an alif connects to the following letter, it's actually an L. Alifs never join forward

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