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This makes a bilaal noise, but does ا (alif), turn into a backwards C when connected with other words?

November 20, 2019



take that apart and you get

ب ِ ل ا ل

That is ba kasrah laam alif laam

you can type the laam alif with one keystroke it is the "b" key on english keyboard لا, or you can type a laam followed by an alif . Notice that the alif does not connect on the left which makes it easy to distinguish from the laam.

here are three alifs ااا here are three laams للل

here is laam alif laam لال

here is alif laam alif الا

here is alif laam laam الل

here is laam alif alif لاا


Just when it is after a laam and it is not only the laam and the alif

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