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What is the difference between Pakai, Mengenakan, Memakai?

When looking for translations of these words they all translate as to wear. But is there a difference between them? Is it like Vietnamese where there's one word for shirts and pants, another for shoes and socks, and another for hats and accessories? Or can they all be used interchangeably?

November 21, 2019



Mengenakan is only for the body/clothing. But you can use pakai/memakai to refer to clothing too.


Hi, I think the differences between them occur due to the formal/informal uses. nowadays people use pakai in everyday conversation than the other two. FYI memakai and mengenakan come from different verb:

Pakai = to wear (or to use in some context) Memakai (me + pakai) = wearing/ using

Mengenakan (me + kena + kan) = wearing

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