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"If he did not walk, he would not see the animals"

Translation:Asingetembea asingeona wanyama

November 21, 2019



I wrote asingewaona wanyama, but that was not accepted. why not?


I'm kinda confused about this sentence. The Swahili is obviously in present tense, but the English translation provided is in the past tense. Anyone knows the reason for that?


English uses the past tense with "if" to indicate a hypothetical situation (technically the past subjunctive, but that's only noticeable if the verb is "be" with the change from "was" to "were", which is also falling out of use). In the main clause of the sentence, "would" is used. Swahili uses -nge- for both of these. The meaning is not past - it's hypothetical.

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