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"What industry paid the most taxes?"

Translation:Industri apa yang paling banyak membayar pajak?

November 21, 2019



Please help me to understand why "Apa industri membayar paling banyak pajak" is wrong


That would be translated along the line of "Does industry pay the most taxes?".


Thanks, how about "Apa yang industri membayar paling banyak pajak"?


It sounds weird, but i guess it would sound riddle-like to us. "Which is an industry that pays the most taxes?"


Thank you very much, it really helps me. Can i say "Industri apa yang membayar paling banyak pajak" or "Industri apa yang membayar pajak paling banyak"?


The former should be correct, although the different word order gave a slight different meaning, it's not really obvious to me.

The latter feels a little of without a "yang" between "pajak" and "paling", although either way, the meaning isn't obvious to me also.


Can you tell me why "Industri apa yang membayar pajak paling banyak" is wrong. Does it have the same meaning with the correct answer?

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