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"There are very many words in the scroll."

Translation:Plurima verba in volumine sunt.

November 21, 2019



VerbumVerba • word, proverb, verb

VolūmenVolūmina • from Volvō ( roll, turn about ) • scroll, roll, volume, book, revolution, turn, (poetic) fold, coil, whirl

LitteraLitterae • From earlier Lītera, with lengthening of the consonant, from Old Latin leitera, from **PIE *leyt- (“to scratch”). Alternatively, perhaps via Etruscan from Ancient Greek διφθέρᾱ (diphthérā, “tablet”), of unknown ultimate origin. • LīteraLiterae an alphabet letter, handwriting, letter, epistle, literature, books, records, accounts, edict, ordinance


I have no idea how they made the difference between a verb and a word.


There's some information in the Oxford Latin Dictionary, under verbum.

For example, verba could be used in the sense of "verbs" when "nouns" are designated by nomina ("names"):

nec a verbis modo, sed ab nominibus quoque derivata sunt quaedam, ut a Cicerone 'sullaturit' (Quintilian Inst. 8. 3. 32); "and there are certain words that have been derived not only from verbs, but from nouns as well, as "he behaves like Sulla" as was done by Cicero." (Apparently, Cicero took the name of the dictator Sulla and created a verb, as it were sullaturio, sullaturire, "to behave like Sulla".)


Typed "Sunt in volumine multa verba" and was marked wrong


For Duo at least "plurima" is "very many", "multa" is "many".

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"Multa" is less than "plurima".


Why was "Sunt in volumine plurima verba" marked wrong?


It's strange to mark it "wrong," since it's extremely common to start a sentence with a form of "to be" in the meaning that we express in English with "There is/There are/ There were" etc.

Duo hasn't been able yet to add all the possible word-orders that are acceptable and normal, in Latin.

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The verb generally comes last. If it were a question it would move up:
Suntne in volumine plurima verba?

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