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best way to learn Arabic

Just want to know the best way.

November 21, 2019



I started Arabic when it was released here on DuoLingo and have been studying 4 hours a day every day since then.

My advice is:

Get a spiral binder and dedicate to Arabic notes.

Learn the alphabet and how to type.

Use other resources besides just DuoLingo. I use a lot of books and online programs along with apps, recordings etc. Rosetta Stone, RocketLanguages, ARabicBlooms, Ling, Maha on youtube.... there are tons of them.

Go slow and avoid the temptation to go after XP or move up the tree.

Speak outloud everything you read or hear. Listening to native speakers and parroting what you hear is crucial and there are a lot of difficult sounds in Arabic that English speakers aren't used to.

Search the forum for TJ_Q8's posts. He was very helpful on here but his posts were underappreciated in my opinion.

Use this forum to ask questions. Maybe some of the native speakers will return to help us.


For the start i would stress some points vom Juliets post. Learn the vocalization of the alphabet and the writing of the letters in every position. In this phase you can only learn very few words, but it is crucial for the start. When this knowledge is naturally in your head, the rest ist more or less standard vocabulary learning.

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