Die Tiere mögen Familien.

Duolingo said that it is 'the animals like families'. Shouldn't it be 'the families like animals'?

April 13, 2012


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IF there are no clues (article changes etc...) German (for simple sentences) has the same SVO word order as English ( Subject Verb Object ). If it were, "den Hund isst das Baby" the changes let you know that the baby eats the dog. the dog eats the baby would be, "der Hund isst das Baby." ----- @grantangi - right (accu neut doesn't change ...) my bad ... fixed :) let's try "der Hund isst den Apfel des Baby"

April 18, 2012

@doc9139: It would be "der Hund isst den Apfel des Babys" In genitiv baby gets "s" at the end.

Simple answer: No.

If you are asking if some of the sentences in duolingo are making not much sense, then the answer is yes. But we are not here to discuss this. The translation of duolingo is correct. The translation of "'the families like animals" would be "Die Familien mögen Tiere".

@doc9139 - "The dog eats the baby." translates to "Der Hund isst das Baby."

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