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UEA & Duolingo partner up to offer in-person Esperanto events

You've been studying the International Language on Duolingo, now do you want to meet people in your city practice your Esperanto skills, face to face?

The Universal Esperanto Association (Universala Esperanto-Asocio, UEA) and Duolingo are teaming up to spark local events, facilitating meetups between EO learners.

Watch the video (in Esperanto): https://youtu.be/w8r1JaadL7w

Anyone who has a Duolingo account and speaks at least basic Esperanto can organize an event, here is the sign-up Google Form: https://is.gd/PkzCDn

You could also check the following to see if there is already Esperanto activities programmed in your city!




November 21, 2019



I've never understood this. Duolingo created Duolingo Events. Duolingo has the database of learners. Anybody in the world can create a Duolingo account, go through the onboarding, and become a Dulingo host.

So what does UEA bring to the partnership? When I asked this question before, I was told that UEA is translating some materials for the hosts -- but Duolingo events is only useful in countries where a lot of people speak the "from" language of one of the courses (English, Spanish, Portuguese).

November 21, 2019


So what does UEA bring to the partnership?

As far as I know, experienced Esperantists who will help host events and be able to introduce Duolingo learners to Esperantujo.

November 22, 2019


I’m in favor of whatever draws people to our local Esperanto events in Portland Oregon.

November 22, 2019


ahblair - are you saying that eventoj.hu is on its way out and/or that it scrapes eventaservo for events? If I'm behind the times on this, I'd like to know.

November 24, 2019
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