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Swahili- The Easy Way?

I've finally gotten my 30 day streak wildfire award but I don't feel like I will remember everything I have learnt, especially in Swahili. Is there anyway to improve my learning skills? I mean to say that, are there any tips and tricks you guys know that will help me remember meanings and words?

Thank you for your support.

November 21, 2019



No, just keep practising. Swahili is not an easy language. You may try to write small stories, or try to translate stuff. Google translate is not perfect, but works reasonably well for Swahili. You also can install the Swahili language pack for Office to correct your errors.


Thank you! I will try to install it soon!


No shortcuts. No tricks. Just steady learning.

Bizarrely, Swahili is one of those languages with relatively complex grammar and yet when you speak it (certainly in Kenya, and I would guess Tanzania and elsewhere as well) you can be pretty bad with the grammar and they (mostly) understand, accept, and don't even seem to notice that you got it wrong.

My Swahili is pretty awful, although with a fairly large vocabulary, but I've used it successfully on numerous occasions without having to lapse into English, even when I was aware that the people I was speaking to were perfectly fluent in English.

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