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  5. "Stephanus est senex ebrius."

"Stephanus est senex ebrius."

Translation:Stephanus is a drunk old man.

November 21, 2019



"an old man" is incorrect whereas "a old man" is correct? Can someone explain, please?


'An old man' is correct. The sentence is talking about 'a drunk old man' however.

What was the sentence you used?


I translated this as {Stephanus is an old drunk man} which was accepted but told that {an} was a typo. I beg to differ


Amongst native English speakers, where multiple adjectives are used the "opinion" adjective (drunk or, as I would say, drunken) is almost always put before the "age" adjective (old). Like everything in English, however, there are exceptions, otherwise it would be altogether too easy for non-native English speakers to get past this shibboleth.


"Stephanus is an old drunk" was rejected

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