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  5. New here! Any tips or advice?


New here! Any tips or advice?

Hi, I just started Duolingo yesterday and am taking the Arabic course to start with and it has been going well. I was wondering if you all had any tips or advice for me as I start my journey of learning a new language!

November 22, 2019



HI, I am new here too.


Thank you! I will check this out for sure.


Make more than the advised 10-50 XP per day. I prefere it to use a time like 30-60 minutes a day, in which I learn intensively. You can earn 10 XP by solving 1 part of a level and I don't think that could be enough to learn. On the other side, do not make too much. I think it's useful to make as much as you can upkeep longterm.


Thank you for this! I will totally take this into account.

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