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  5. "Familiares habent."

"Familiares habent."

Translation:They have relatives.

November 22, 2019



again, a very bad audio!


terrible audio


Fa mi lia res the voice should be stronger in "lia", but she put the accent in "mi". Also "mi" is not well pronounced, it should sound like "mee"


To be pedantic, it is fa.mi.li.ā.rēs (five syllables, not four)
It is important because if the second a were short, the stress would fall on li and we'd have fa.mi.lí.a.rēs (a word that does not exist), and not fa.mí.lia.rēs (a word that is impossible in latin).
See for example fī.lí.o.la - little daughter - which could never be fí.lio.la.
As a side note: Italian has inherited much of its the stress pattern from Latin, but treating it in a different way:

  • Latin Ī.tá.li.a (stress on the penultimate ta - with short a - because i in li is short)
  • Italian I.tà.lia (stress on the last but one, as most words do)


It sounds "familia aves habent".


habent should not be pronounced with a long a. I have reported this as "The audio does not sound correct".


I entered "They have a family," but it was not accepted. Surely, to have relatives is tantamount to having a family.

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