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  5. "Pistor nova crustula facit."

"Pistor nova crustula facit."

Translation:The baker makes the new cookies.

November 22, 2019



How can you tell whether the "nova" refers to the baker or the cookies?


pistor is a masculine noun and nova is not a masculine form of the adjective. So nova cannot match with pistor.

You can usually tell based on gender and case of the nouns and the adjective. You can make sentences that are ambiguous since some endings are shared between the grammatical genders and cases.


So it should be Pistor Novus crustula facit, if one wants to say the new baker brings the cookies?


Yes, pistor novus crustula facit would be a way to say "the new baker makes cookies".


I had the same question


'Nova' the adjective precedes Crustula here, so that's irregular. I believe "Pistor Novus" would indicate that its about the "New Baker" at he job.

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