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Assign skills out of order?

Hi teachers! I am doing a unit on food and want to assign students the food-related units consecutively rather than going in Duolingo's regular order. Can I do this? Can I get around that Duolingo typically forces you to master all the previous skills before you can start a new one?


November 22, 2019




forget this.

Trees have been designed by contributors or staff/contractors (CEFR, staff based courses) in a fixed order.

Skills in the middle or bottom actually reuse vocabulary from earlier skills.
Sentences look to be hardwired.

The Duolingo system does not internally check if you have learned all the asked vocabulary earlier.
You will still see the configured sentences even you may not know the needed vocabulary.

Quote: Can I get around that Duolingo typically forces you to master all the previous skills before you can start a new one?

No, because new CEFR trees might even teach grammar "on-the-fly" which is hidden behind some skills.

On a normal Duolingo user account, you can't directly jump over skills and unlock others since the introduction of the Scala web rewrite project in February 2017!

I tried this with my classic (Non-CEFR) tree back in 2016/2017 and I failed!!!
Could not jump over multiple "vocabulary skills" and only focus on dedicated "grammar skills".

CEFR trees are based on theme-oriented topic/theme names which makes it even more complex.

"Vocabulary skills" teach different / mixed concepts without stating that in the skill name.

If you try to jump over skills, the learner will miss the teaching lessons on several grammar aspects.

I am sure that they teach several grammar aspects in a specific order, even you can not directly see it.


Hi, Katherine. I respectfully disagree with Thomas, although he is right that there is a logic to the order.

I only care that my students learn the vocabulary. We cover the grammar in class, and play lots of games, but they are lagging in the vocabulary, and I don't want to waste class time on "This is a plum. This is a sausage." So what I did was I unlocked "Food" and "Restaurant" and "Breakfast" and "Food 2" and anything else I could find. I told my students, "Just do one of those, I don't care which one." Then I assigned weekly XP, and I just make sure they do the XP assignment (and ignore the skills assignments). So far it is working fine to get the students exposed to the vocabulary.

Hope this helps!

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