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Suggestion: Allow users to "favorite" units which are especially challenging to them

Duolingo should allow us to favorite or highlight units that are consistently puzzling, so that we can revisit and restudy them easily. I frequently spend time browsing a tree trying to rediscover the pronoun-agreement section that constantly trips me up. I'm slowly working my way up to gold on it, but frankly I could work on it dozens of times more, I think.

I think Duo should allow us to tag the units that we want to return to repeatedly so that we can master a skill that is tough. Just a little star button would be enough, I think.


November 22, 2019



Yes, I think that would be especially helpful! It would also be nice if we could "favourite" a specific word that we find difficult, and then Duolingo would use that data to include that word more often for practice.


This isn't what you asked for, but at present certain sections focus on certain words. So for example a section I just completed was primarily focused on direct objects, but used the verb "to lose" in almost every example. And so I re-drilled "to lose" in conjunction with learning about the grammar in that instance.

At present you could keep a notebook of which sections feature your challenging words, although that is not as efficient as having the option to just tag it in the program instead.


That is exactly what I am forced to do. I have a growing piece of paper with the phrases like hacer la compra, or tengo muchas ganas de...but it would be so much easier with the ability to flag things.


Duolingo already has this. I Follow troublesome sentences to review at my leisure. As I get them down pat, I unfollow them.


This is an interesting suggestion, thank you. I hadn't considered this, and tried to do as you suggested. Please let me know if this is what you mean: I did a single sentence and clicked on the "discuss" link at the bottom after finishing it. On the discussion page I selected "follow discussion".

Once you do this, do have some sort of system for actually practicing the question? I have a fairly random assortment of discussions I'm already following, and probably can unfollow many of them, but just wondering if you have advice about what your next steps here are.


Yes, please! Just did some level 5 Romanian pronouns lessons and I was all at sea. I'd also like the practice algorithm (if there is one) to give you the types of questions you struggle with more often than those you find easy. At the moment it appears to be random.


Good idea, this would help a ton with Greek, lol I’m struggling


it would also be helpful to be able to delevel them. there are a few sections i'd like to put back down to zero and start over, because I don't feel like ive truly learned them just by slogging through.


You can continue to practice level 5 units endlessly, for no points. That's probably frustrating but at least you can keep practicing even if they level is gold.


The problem is, that it is not always level 5 sentences in the practice. I would like to just have these (or maybe 4 and 5) , and skip the "choose the picture for apple" - levels.


I agree this is frustrating. Have you notice they have a pattern? The first 3 questions in any section tend to be easy, kind of like warm ups. This is when the picture cards show up most often. After that the more challenging material shows up. At this point I expect the first three to be softballs and don't worry about how hard a section is until I'm past those first few.


This would also be useful on the Stories - there are some that trip me up more than others, it would be useful to know the ones I get less than 100% on so to focus my learning on those


I love that idea!


That would be great!


Yeah, this would be amazing. There are certain concepts that I screw up every single time and I just need to keep coming back to them. I would love this.


That would be great.


It´s a great idea.


Agree completely - Good idea!


I agree! I feel that this would improve the quality of education duolingo offers and improve language skills!


Great idea! I was thinking about making some notes, but it would be convenient to have a little star or other way to designate the skills should be revisited more often.


Agree, I find cases extremely frustrating so I'd love to be prompted to do even 1 lesson per day on my most challenging issue. ;)


I have certain ones that I really struggle with, too. But what I do is I have a notebook that always sits on my desk next to my laptop, and if I come across anything I struggle with, I write it down it there. Once in a while I look around my notebook, seeing what I should work on....of course, with this system, I don't work on the hard issues on Duo, when I see them in my notebook - I guess I could, but I don't feel like hunting down the location on Duo where that issues is. But that's okay. I love Duo, but I honestly think people need to do all kinds of things, not just Duo, to really learn. So when I visit my 'trouble areas' in my notebook, I practice in other ways - writing exercises I come up with myself, looking info up on it on Google, etc.

Works great for me. :-)


Oh, also, if I find a lesson difficult, where I'm getting a lot wrong, I just 'X' off that lesson right before the lesson is done - so I don't get any credit for the lesson, since it's unfinished - and then just re-do that exact same lesson. If I'm still getting too many wrong for my liking, I just 'X' it off again....then when I feel I'm getting enough right, I complete the lesson. So I sometimes do one lesson 2 or 3 times, but of course only get credit for doing it once....but I don't care. It's all about the learning, not the credit, for me.


This is a very efficient workaround. Thanks for the tip. Yes it doesn't earn point but as you point out it helps with learning the challenging stuff.


I like your idea, I have thought it would be nice if we could pick the types of exercises that we wanted to do. For example sometimes I just want to do word matches, then other times I want to focus on reading passages, and still at other times I want to work on my listening comprehension.

I wish Duolingo allowed you to focus on one type of skill. I do understand that you need to practice all of the different skills, but it would also be nice to select the one you want at the moment.

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