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XP Points in Pick a Date Range (in Activity Details) not working in some classes

I manage 7 classes totalling about 230 students and utilize the spreadsheet .csv download. Within the last week, the data is not updating my students' points (actually all data fields) in the activity details -> pick a date range. Grades are due in 2 weeks and I use Duolingo XP points for 50% of my grades, so I am a bit worried. I submitted a bug report with a screenshot. 2 of my 7 classes are not updating. Any suggestions?

November 22, 2019



I'll link to your post in the Duolingo Educator's Network (on Slack) to get more eyeballs on it. Hang tight!


Hey there, I'd like to investigate this further. You'll receive an email from me soon.


It seems to start around the 3-month point. Less than 3 months seems to work reliably.

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