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Please add more Native Languages

Dear Duolingo, Please add more Native languages such as Mayan and Maori. An app like Duolingo can help preserve these languages and teach new speakers across the globe.

November 23, 2019



Hi. This is the Navajo Forum. Could you edit your topic to Duolingo? That way more people can see your post, as opposed to just those who study Navajo. Thanks!

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Also, you might want to look at this:

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I'd love to have more small languages. ( Basque, Sami, Quechua, at least one of the Mayan languages, which are mutually unintelligible, Nahuatl, Cherokee, Tlingit, some of the languages spoken by the Pueblo tribes, Maori, Samoan, Australian aboriginal tongues, etc.) The problem is, the language courses for the small languages are done by volunteers. There simply may not be anyone who is interested in working as hard as you have to work to create a course. Look at Navajo. They JUST added vocals to it. Same with Guarani, which is one of the official languages of Paraguay, and a much more developed course in terms of vocabulary, etc. than Navajo. Even Swahili, with a pool of millions of speakers, started out as a really awful course partly because of a lack of good volunteers. If you know people who speak those languages well who can volunteer, ask them to do so.


there's also the fact that the vast majority of speakers of a language won't necessarily be able to teach it. i have a feeling that nahuatl, maya, basque, etc would only be available in spanish


TonyAlvare19: I have the same opinion as you! (LINGOT) There are many languages at risk of disappearing because the number of people who speak them is very small. Duolingo can attract more attention to these cultures.


I agree with you. I am especially interested in Native American languages but all indigenous really.


Yes, please!!! Specifically Cree, and other Dene language variants!!! I know it's hard for you guys, but there are people out there who still speak these oral traditional languages, and who are passionate about preserving them. Thanks!!

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