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  5. "Medicum peritum non habemus."

"Medicum peritum non habemus."

Translation:We do not have a skilled doctor.

November 23, 2019



I got bounced for 'a skillful doctor', which sounds a bit more natural than 'a skilled doctor'. I think it should be counted as correct, so I have reported it.


This is what you dont want to hear checking in at the ER


"We don't have skilled doctor" was not accepted


You need the article "a" in English. I know that in Spanish, Dutch and a few other languages you don't use an indefinite article with professions in a sentence such as this. But in English, it sounds unnatural without it.

"We don't have a skilled doctor."


Just wrote "We don't have a skilled medic", & it resulted as wrong... perhaps in terms of Anglophony "doctor" is considered more proper...?

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