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"Your lazy allies do not fight."

Translation:Socii ignavi vestri non pugnant.

November 23, 2019



*Socii vestri ignavi non pugnant.

Could someone please explain to me why this is wrong, especially the word order in the subject? Thank you.


They set only one correct order of words as shown on top. The system is far from being perfect.


I have the same issue, but I'm afraid this doesn't really answer my question: Is "Socii vestri ignavi.." actually incorrect because perhaps it comes across very clumsy in Latin (or some other reason), or should it be accepted? I've already reported it, but I was hoping some blessed knowledgeable soul in these fora might actually know.

I mean, I think it should be accepted, but I'm still learning; I don't really know.


"Tui socii ignavi non pugnant" was marked wrong. Is it wrong to separate the "tui" and "ignavi", i.e. must all attributes be either before or after the noun ?


"Socii ignavi tui non pugnant" is accepted. But "Socii tui ignavi non pugnant" is marked wrong. Can someone comment on this?


Yes !!!! if i use one order you take the other. If i take the other order of words you take the first. So can you please make of this

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