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"Kaʻiulani is the lazy sister of Kimo and Billy."

Translation:ʻO Kaʻiulani ke kaikuahine moloā o Kimo a me Billy.

November 23, 2019



With all the complex relationship terms we need to learn in this lesson, why does DLHawaiian have a 'choose 1 of 3' question where, if we assume 'Drago' doesn't mean 'Billy" and 'himene' doesn't mean 'and', choosing the right answer is a no brainer. Why not make us search our brains for the important terms we should be learning here?


interesting - the two formats I got to choose from for this exercise was either word bubbles or free form (no choose 1 of 3). So I got to use my brain ;) ! I didn't know it varied (nor do I have any idea when or why!! ??)


ʻO ke kaikuahine moloā o Kimo a me Billy oʻ Kaʻiulani - I believe, this word order should be accepted too.


This could work (as long as you put the ʻokina BEFORE the second ʻo), but when using this pattern, the phrase ʻo ia nō (that is, s/he is) is usually placed before the second part in conversational Hawaiian: ʻO ke kaikuahine moloā o Kimo a me Billy, ʻo ia nō ʻo Kaʻiulani. (The lazy sister of Kimo and Billy, that's Kaʻiulani.) This also works better for proper intonation when speaking this sentence.

Just for fun, I tried using "lāua ʻo" for "and" between Kimo and Billy. That's another common way to say "and" between two names, but it got zapped.

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