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  5. "Wake up, everybody!"

"Wake up, everybody!"


November 24, 2019



Wouldn't "pevem, pagh" also work?


That would be, "Wake up, Nobodies." (or "nothings" or "zeros" or something like that - plural pagh is a weird concept). But pevem, Hoch is accepted on this exercise.


Why not "Hoch pevem"?


Why not? Well, it is a perfectly acceptable sentence, and it has the right meaning. However, the course creators have established that words and phrases should not be rearranged without a grammatically required reason. That serves a couple of purposes: it cuts down greatly on the amount of work the maintainers have to do in order to accommodate all the potential permutations of answers; and it helps to verify that the student isn't thinking about Klingon word order as just a lazy reversal of English.

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