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Navajo Keyboard

I am learning Navajo on the mobile app and wondering what keyboard or language to add to my phone to have the different characters available to write words out that have the different accents on the letters?

November 24, 2019



Goodness, doing Navajo on the mobile app sounds hectic. You must have a lot of patience. Good for you! I'm not sure how someone could miss one of the main aspects in typing the language but if you have done the course even a day then you know that there are constantly different characteristics.

To answer your question. Language Geek was recommended to me by a Native speaker. It has keyboards for quite a few languages. However I am not sure if this helps on a phone app.

Speaking of which. If you ever have a questions regarding Navajo then you can talk to an actual Native speaker if you want. I have a couple times so far. He is on Duolingo and also has a youtube channel and has done a couple of livestreams so that we can ask any questions and hear more about the language. You might check it out actually. I recommend it. He is very professional. Learn Navajo The Natural Way

I hope this helps! Happy Learning!


Thanks GingerSnap! That sounds interesting! :)


Thanks I will definitely use that to help learn the language


There is probably a Navajo keyboard available in the app store and almost certainly one on the web, for free. You can get all sorts of keyboards. If you are doing multiple languages, I'd recommend Eng International and/ or Canadian Multilingual Standard - they both have easy ways of doing a lot of the accents, letters and other marks that the standard US keyboard doesn't have. Also, just as an aside, the Oxford Picture Dictionary series has (or used to have) an English/Navajo picture dictionary. While it's intended to help with learning English, it could be used the other direction as well. There are a couple of other picture dictionaries available on Amazon right now.


That sounds good! I actually have a Mandarin and Hebrew picture dictionary. Didn't know there was one for Navajo!


That would be very helpful thanks.


There are no different characters, are there? I did it a few months ago, and it was normal letters. AFAIK, there is no keyboard for it anyway.

You won’t learn much on Duo for Navajo, because it is a short tree, so I suggest doing other sources until this course is updated.


Actually, I think the big O is on your Google keyboard with an accent on top. Haven't done Navajo for some time, so can't remember which way the symbol goes! Not quite the same maybe....
Then there are all those apostrophes to contend with...time consuming...But no special keyboard needed. Must get back to Navajo at sometime! Enjoy! :)


Thanks for the comments. I was having trouble getting it to accept answers when words would have different accents not on the standard English keyboard. Will definitely look into the suggests.


There are quite a few bugs, so report as many wrong things as you can, to make it better. Have fun with Navajo!


Hi, I learn Navajo on an iPad and I installed a Diné bizaad keyboard from the app store. Very easy to install and to switch back and forth between my regular french keyboard the navajo one during the lessons. It is called Navajo Keyboard App and cost 1,09€ (approximatly 1$ I guess). Thanks to the developer, btw :)

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