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Big Esperanto Blooper - don't use the wrong word while using Pasporta Servo

In this video, I tell about an embarrassing language gaffe I made while staying with someone via the Pasporta Servo. In spite of the title, it really is family friendly. Certainly it's the kind of story I would have told my own kids back in the day, especially since they were involved.

Tinkling in Europe https://youtu.be/cv7Rvu9otx0

This is probably an intermediate piece in Esperanto, but I always try to include nuggets for beginners. My advice is to watch it without subtitles at least once. Try to pick out what you can. Listen to the sound of the language. Try to pick out words - and maybe learn one or two new words. Then, after watching once or twice, watch again with the Esperanto subtitles. Use the English subtitles only as a last resort (or to share with your friends who don't speak Esperanto.)

November 24, 2019



Pisanta hometo estas unu el la plej emblemaj belgaj simboloj.


Tion mi scias, de diversaj fontoj (kaj fontanoj) - inter aliaj - la Esperanta komikso pri Tin Tin.


Aux eble ili bezonos unu statuo pli.

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