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"Is he a ballplayer on the team?"

Translation:He pāʻani kinipōpō anei ʻo ia no ke kime?

November 24, 2019



It corrected my "ma" to "na" - I've never seen this before. The prompt was specifically "on" - not "for." Is this kind of word-combining done commonly with many words? Prepositions only? At the end of each color they warn that difficulty will increase. They don't lie!


Why must ʻo ia come before no ke kime?

That is, why is "He pāʻani kinipōpō anei no ke kime ʻo ia?" wrong?


7 months — no comments or reply. I have the same question — why can you not have “ ‘o ia?” at the end?



prep. Of, for, because of, belonging to, in behalf of, honoring, to, for, from, resulting from, concerning, about.



[PE] 1 Part. indicating that a question may be answered by yes or no, always following a word or phrase. ʻAʻole anei? Isn't it so? Isn't it? Pēlā anei? Is it that way? Is that so? E hele ana anei ʻoe i ke kaona? Are you going to town?

[LA] 1. adv. The sign of a question, used after verbs or nouns; as, mai anei oia? is he sick? ua holo anei ia? has he sailed? he mai anei?



DL is specifying both "ma ke kime" and "no ke kime" for "on the team."


Does this mean that the question could also be "he pā'ani kinipōpō anei 'o ia ma ke kima" and still be correct?

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