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"Iuvenes ebrii in insula habitant."

Translation:The drunk young men live in the apartment building.

November 24, 2019



on the island was rejected. reported. but i get that one will not learn "apartment bldg" by always using "island" the latter being the only trans i had ever known. altho prob better drunk on an island than in a building.


You need to allow British English answers. Both "apartment block" and "block of flats" need to be accepted as correct for insula.


can ebrii be group of males and females? like spanish uses masculine for coed group (not 2b genderist--its just that idk the word usage).


I suddenly got fed up with typing 'young men' all the time, when, in my view 'youths' is a reasonable, (though possibly slightly derogatory) equivalent. It may not be in American English though as I think they take, 'guys' to include women, where we would assume it meant only men.


You have to add 'building' after 'apartment' - if not, the system will not accept it.


For me ebrii was very hard to understand. It sounded like it had an 's' on the beginning of the word.


I really hate the ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ talking here. Roll my eyes every time I hear his histrionic pronunciations


odium et verbum malissimum. you can obviously do better Darren.

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