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Assigning skills only to specific students within a class?

Hi all, I teach German, and one of my classes has a wide gap between students who have already mastered the material we're working on, whereas other students are still struggling with basic principles from a previous unit. My question is, is it possible to assign skills only to specific students within a Duolingo classroom and not others within that same classroom, so that everyone is working on a skill appropriate to their level?

Thanks in advance for the help!

November 24, 2019

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No, unfortunately PatrickAll, you can't. Some possibilities:

  1. Make a second class and move some of your students to there

  2. Assign XP and avoid the issue

  3. Assign the skills you want and assume that the advanced students will continue at their own level

  4. Assign the skills you want, plus some higher skills. Offer bonus points for other skills.

  5. Assign two skills: For one group of students, ignore the fact that they didn't complete the second skill. For the other group, ignore the fact that they already completed the first skill.

Hope this helps!

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