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Finished the tree.

But to be honest I know very little Arabic, and I feel that bringing all skill levels to 5 crowns is not likely to improve the situation much. I will do that anyway, but the question remains: where do I go now?

November 24, 2019



This Language Transfer course looks interesting, recommended in one of the discussions on this forum: I’ve seen the intro, can understand that we “eavesdrop” on a set of one-to-one lessons, and at some point I’ll listen to the introductory info on Track 1 properly, but the target language learning business seems to start in earnest midway through Track 2... https://youtu.be/A3gpobBSp7k


In complete contrast, by a Nigerian tutor: https://youtu.be/EMy2xCsj91w


In my opinion, Memrise is a good place to continue your Arabic learning career, or any language that you need clarification on. Memrise has many different levels of Arabic from Arabic 1 to Arabic 7 (from the official Memrise corporation, but there are many other lessons from different users as well). Each of the seven lessons range from an average duration of three to twelve hours each. It should surely solidify your vocabulary and knowledge and it helped me learn and understand components of a language that I didn't fully learn on Duolingo. Take French for example, I took French on Duolingo and while it did teach me well, it wasn't well-organized, in my opinion. On Memrise, it taught me all the nooks and crannies of French 1 and some of French 2. However, the down side of Memrise is that it is hard to identify which course is right for you since there is no test that helps you find the course that is right for you. I speak some Korean, but it is hard to know which course is right for me since there are many levels of Korean. However, overall, it is a good website to get a good grip on Arabic. I'm only promoting Memrise not because I think it's better than Duolingo, but it's because it helped me in the past and the present, and it's hard to learn a language from just one website alone. I hope this helps.


systematicely building a vocabulary?


OK. How? I cannot read news or watch TV, this course did not prepare me for that!


I would prefere the publications of the Goethe Institut. Here are some Vocabulary-lists they use for their exams. They include different practical examples for most of the A1 to C1 vocabulary.





I'm in the same boat. I'm going to keep going with Duolingo trying to learn more words, which I'm having a lot of trouble doing, but I also bought this book. I've only worked a few pages, but it has a real person doing the audio (I ripped the CD to my phone). Most important for me was, the book includes the diacritics. I just can't figure out the words without vowel markings yet. Salamaat! Learning Arabic with Ease: Learn the Basic Building Blocks of Modern Standard Arabic (Includes MP3 Audio Files) https://www.amazon.com/dp/0804850151/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_E7B3Db827D3ZW


Great, my friend, now try to read an Arabic novel and listen to an Arab story

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