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♥ Duolingo motivates me ♥

I will keep it short since people aren't looking for unimportant stories but I felt like sharing this. I've been struggling with an extreme lack of motivation for ages. I can't study for school, I can't always get out of bed and I often can't find the motivation for normal, daily tasks like showering or brushing my teeth. It's been a while since I had some real motivation for studying but the fun and ease of Duolingo brings back my motivation to learn a little. I'm trying very hard to practice a little every day, I get so happy when I make progress or remember tough words. If some of you out there are struggling with this as well, I hope Duolingo does the same for you! Have a nice day everyone♥

November 24, 2019



Interesting and meaningful thoughts about the 'side benefits' of Duo.
Thanks so much for sharing your personal feelings. I'm sure many here can identify with this from time to time.



Motivation to get on with life can be quite elusive, so I'm very glad that you have found it with Duo. Make it a daily habit, be proud of your progress and know that you are not alone. Have a lovely lingot!


I will keep it short since people aren't looking for unimportant stories but I felt like sharing this.

On the contrary, most people on this forum like to read about success stories and how Duolingo helped change their life. I'm really happy to read that Duolingo has motivated you so much and wish you continued success.

On the other hand, the posts that only say something like, Duolingo is great, without contributing anything further are the ones that people tire of.


Thanks so much for that post. I can relate and I am sure that many others can too. Keep on learning!


Glad to hear that Duolingo is a motivating thing for you! We all need a reason to get out of bed in the morning. :D


Lots of people use duolingo as a stress-free daily pleasure which also happens to be useful and motivational.

I'm glad it makes you happy, as it does many other people. :)

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