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Does Duolingo support online events?

I'm not sure if I should ask this here or not but: As an ambassador can I plan online events of German? I wish to have events that can bring us together and not spend a lot of time commuting from our houses to the venue of the event. (I believe a talk on Skype and similar apps can be as beneficial too.) I would appreciate any help or experience in case someone has tried this before.

November 24, 2019



For Hosts Rules, It says all Events must be held "irl", Sorry ( ; ;)


Thank you I didn't know that Can you provide a link with host rules? I have lost the link.


These contain the rules/requirements.


Why dont you link together a group of people youre doing the events with and then you can use something like Blackboard collabroate and or something else like a office webinar GoToMeeting and that way you could still do what you want to do.

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