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A pronunciation issue

I realised that in Latin the letter "v" is pronounced "w". Yesterday, when I was listening to the song "Ave Maria" & suddenly felt that singing "A-wei Maria" would sound quite funny & almost unbearable. Does this happen to anyone else?

November 24, 2019



Classical Latin pronounces it like a w. Ecclesiastical pronounces it as a v.

I first learned to sing Latin with Ecclesiastical pronunciation, but eventually switched to Classical because that was my personal preference. If you'd rather do the opposite, then that's your choice - it's just a matter of style. :)

P.S. Awei isn't quite accurate. Aweh (without the upwards swoop on the e) is more accurate. :)

Volgav vitsenanieff nivya kevach varatsach.


It is interesting to know that there are different ways to pronounce Latin. Thanks, Tembo & Arcana-Mvsa. So the way Duo teaches is the classical pronunciation.


Latin here is pronounced totally differently from the way I first learnt it anyway - but as I'm never going to speak it I just turn off the audio and hear it my way in my head....

But, I do know that ecclesiastical Latin is pronounced differently from classical Latin. I'd guess that's your difference.


“Ave Maria” is a religious song, I think the ecclesiastical pronunciation fits it best. I find that the case with most Latin texts used in classical music.

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