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  5. "The lawyer is new."

"The lawyer is new."

Translation:اَلْمُحامي جَديد.

November 25, 2019



Recognising what an word initial m looks like when it occurs prefixed by al (the) is very hard when I’m having to squint at tiny letters...

Also: My mind has also gone a total blank on having encountered lawyer before, so I have no idea what it sounds like properly pronounced by a native speaker! (Help!)


from my experience, I think non Arabs do not even hear the letter "ح"
It does not exist in English (and most other languages), and it gets translated as "kh" خ
So someone imitating an Arab would have a lot of "خخخخخ" in his speech, but really, it just is a letter you cannot replicate :)
That being said, this is like Mukhami


I tried: المحمية جديدة and did not count. I reported, but maybe I'm wrong. Am I missing something? Is there any indication here that the lawyer HAS to be a male?


المحامية yes you are missing an "Alef"


Oh! Thanks a lot! Didn't even notice. I was so focused on the gender that did not realize that I missed a letter.

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