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  5. "مُحامي"


Translation:a lawyer

November 25, 2019



How do you say "my" to a word that aready ends in ي ? Do you add a ّ to it ?


@flodo_890 and @Aiman.Ghazi,

It uses a double diacritic to make it possessive when it ends in ي .


Around = حوالي (Hawaali)

Around me = حواليّ (Hawaleiyya)

In our example it would be:

Lawyer = محامي (muhami)

My Lawyer = محاميّ (muhamiya)

Hope that helps.


Ah! there’s the word I wanted to learn to recognise - I wish I’d had more exposure to it and its al-prefixed shape, before being asked to translate a phrase sentence with no “dotted line guidance” available! Ah well, apparently we need an experience of failure/frustration 15% of the time to keep us learning maximally...

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