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"Iuppiter plurimas hastas contorquet."

Translation:Iuppiter hurls very many spears.

November 25, 2019



The first declension accusative plural as ending should be pronounced with a long a. Using macrons to indicate long vowels, this should be "Iuppiter plūrimās hastās contorquet." I have reported this as "The audio does not sound correct".


Cool! 12th December today, and you've hot level 18 in all languages and an 18-day streak!!!!!


Would "many spears" be correct too? I would never say "very many"


"Very many" isn't something I'd normally say either. It might be worth trying "a great many" which, to me at least, is more normal sounding English. However, I think Duolingo wants to make sure we're aware of the distinction between multas - many and plurimas - very many, so I would expect "many spears" to be marked wrong.


I will try to explain. This is comparative usage of an adjective, so it is much like the -er, -est endings in English. The degrees go as follows: multus, -a, -um (many); plus, pluris (more); and plurimus, -a, -um (most). The above are direct translations; however, when we say "this is the best!" in English, for example, we don't always mean it literally.

Therein lies the caveat.

The superlative degree in Latin accounts for hyperbole in that it can mean "Most" or "Very."

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