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  5. "Jeder ist für deine Idee."

"Jeder ist für deine Idee."

Translation:Everyone is in favor of your idea.

June 29, 2014



In my opinion, 'Everyone likes your idea' should be correct too.


The sentence does not really say that people like your idea. Your idea could be a horribly bad idea, but it is the least bad idea of a bunch of even worse ideas. They just had to choose one, no matter if they like or not ;)


Would "Jeder stimmt deiner Idee zu" fit in this context (or this is a wrong usage of zustimmen?)


Would 'Everyone is up for your idea' be correct? I know it's perhaps colloquial but it means the same thing in my opinion.


What about 'Everyone agrees with your idea'


The English translation: "Everybody is for your idea" is also accepted and that is a well understandable sentence in English and in German without "in favor of".


It just doesn't prenounce the R at the end of Jeder making it sound like Jede .....


Auf Deutsch the terminal "r" is not voiced as emphatically as in English. Watching Anja may help.


I had the same problem, even slowed it down to check that I wasn't hearing a "r". But the other question I have is: why can't it be "jede ist für deine Idee"? I.e.: Wir haben alle Ärztinnen gefragt und jede ist für deine Idee


The sentence does not make me any sense, I would write "everybody likes your idea"


"Everyone is for your idea." Should be accepted.

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