"Sei l'unico motivo che ho per finire l'università."

Translation:You are the only reason I have to finish college.

April 25, 2013

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Whoa... this is quite the powerful sentence for me... Is this romantic love? Admiration? Close friendship?


Can`t I say? You are the only reason why I have to finish the university?


"the reason why I have to finish" can have a different meaning, in English, from "the reason I have to finish the university."

"The reason why I have to finish" - in this case, "why I have to" means "why I must."

"… the reason I have to finish . . . " could mean the same thing, but it's more likely to be understood as "you are my motivation."

[Native US English speaker]


Yes, now that too :)


Sei . . . . , l'unico . , motivo, che, ho . . . , per finire, l'università.
You are, the only, reason , that, I have, to finish , the university.


"you are the sole reason that I have to finish university" = incorrect? Penso di non! Come on, DL! Surely 'unique = only = sole' are all synonyms in English ...


Why is "You are the only reason he has to finish university" wrong? In several other sentences 'university' was 'universita' (can't do the accent here)

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