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"Sei l'unico motivo che ho per finire l'università."

Translation:You are the only reason I have to finish college.

April 25, 2013



Whoa... this is quite the powerful sentence for me... Is this romantic love? Admiration? Close friendship?


Can`t I say? You are the only reason why I have to finish the university?


"the reason why I have to finish" can have a different meaning, in English, from "the reason I have to finish the university."

"The reason why I have to finish" - in this case, "why I have to" means "why I must."

"… the reason I have to finish . . . " could mean the same thing, but it's more likely to be understood as "you are my motivation."

[Native US English speaker]


Yes, now that too :)


Sei . . . . , l'unico . , motivo, che, ho . . . , per finire, l'università.
You are, the only, reason , that, I have, to finish , the university.


This sentence does not translate quite well into English. It doesn't make much sense.


"you are the sole reason that I have to finish university" = incorrect? Penso di non! Come on, DL! Surely 'unique = only = sole' are all synonyms in English ...

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