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"We do not love dirty apartment buildings."

Translation:Insulas sordidas non amamus.

November 25, 2019



"Apartment buildings have existed for centuries. In the great cities of the Roman Empire, because of urban congestion, the individual house, or domus, had given way in early imperial times to the communal dwelling, or insula (q.v.), except for the residences of the very wealthy. Four stories were common, and six-, seven-, or eight-story buildings were occasionally constructed."

Source: https://www.britannica.com/technology/apartment-house


Isn't it a matter of "liking" rather than of "loving"?


I needed a hint and it didn't give me the right one. That really tripped me up. Apartment building was the one that was messed up.


Wrong latin : sordidae insulae nostri non placent is perfectly correct as it has been accepted in so many lessons

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