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  5. "In via sunt multi iuvenes."

"In via sunt multi iuvenes."

Translation:Many young men are in the street.

November 25, 2019



Via Viae: road, street, path, way, method, manner, the right way • From Proto-Italic wijā, from PIE wih₁eh₂-., from weyh₁- (“to pursue, be strong”) • Derived terms: DēviusObviusPerviusPraeviusImpervius

Iuvenis from Proto-Italic juwenis • from PIE h₂yuh₁n̥téh₂ ‧ From h₂yuh₁en youth +‎ -teh₂ state of being. ‧ From h₂óyu (“long time, lifetime”) ‧ From the root h₂ey- vital force, life, age, eternity.

Iuvenis Iuvenēs Iuvenia Masculine Feminine Neuter

A Roman citizen eligible male child's transition from boyhood, Puer, to Iuvenis status upon reaching his majority at age ~14-17 years, and after a prominently mentored civil or military service preparatory training year, was commemorated in a day long coming-of-age ceremony. On a birthday close to the 17 March Līberālia festival / feast of Liber, god of viticulture and wine, fertility and freedom, celebrates young boy maturation - Liber Pater, "the free Father", and his consort Libera.

The Iuvenis, upon dressing for the day, hangs up, instead of wearing, the bolla, the childs protective talisman, and discards the crimson bordered toga praetexta to don the pure white toga virilis. The entire household, friends and relatives, in grand procession, escort the nascent Iuvenis to the Forum for enrollment as an official Roman citizen.


so...it can mean many young women or many young people?

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