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Is it possible changing from "German from English" to "German from Spanish" keeping the progress?

I have been learning German from English but my mother tongue is Spanish. Now the course German for Spanish speakers is available but if I switch to it I have to start again from the first lesson. Does anybody know wheher it is possible to switch and start from the same lesson where I stopped in the course for English speakers?

June 29, 2014



It should fill out most of your previous progress after you do the first lesson. That's what happened when I just tested doing French from Spanish. (It didn't enable the last three skills for some reason, though. Not sure if intentional or a bug.)

If that doesn't work you can try testing out using one of the checkpoints.


I do not know but I very much doubt it.


My experience (switching from the "French from English" to the "French from German" course) is as follows: Apart from the last three skills I can do all of them, they are all accessible. However, I need to start them from scratch. More annoyingly, the ability to do an entry level check was not given, so I really have to do them all. Of course, it's a very good exercise ;)

There is also a setting where you can reset your tree and start all over. It is not clear to me whether this would affect both my french trees or not.

My preferred solution would be to have them as two entirely independent trees. After all, the content and skill levels might different, taking into account the language you are learning from. So no progress should be "inherited" but one should be able to reset, redo and test them out fully independently.

Currently, the interaction is just not clear.

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