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What can we do with Navajo?

I'm not going to learn it, but I just want to know if for instance some WWII operations' name are in Navajo, and what are the most famous things of its culture. Do you know if they're emblematic sentences in this language (such as 'Vae victis' in Latin, 'To be or not to be' in English, 'Prends garde à toi' in French, etc... Things like that)?

I don't know Navajo at all, so my question is really likely to be felt as stupid, and it is. Sorry for those who practice it everyday.

November 25, 2019



Exercise your mind, be able to say hello to the locals in their language if you ever travel on the Navajo Nation, ( be careful, you might be talking to a Hopi who speaks a completely different language), be better prepared to teach in that area, understand what the "Indians" in movies are saying (many of them were Navajo and were told to say whatever they wanted when shots called for them to speak their language, at least in the older films).


OK, thanks. I'm reading 'code talker' by Joseph Bruchac. Thanks to Duolinguo I understand Nihima and Yaat'eeh (I don't have the good hats)


Maybe also sorry to those who also speak it everyday. But don't mind me.


That's what I meant, sorry.

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